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At AutoCenters St Charles we are committed to YOU! Our #1 goal is to earn your business by providing service you would recommend to your friends, family and surely as a repeat client. My name is Scott Pohlman, General Sales Manager for AutoCenters St Charles. You have my personal guarantee "nobody will work harder to earn your business than we will". We have the most aggressive financing for EVERYONE! We GUARANTEE financing for all credit types. Our vehicles come with a FREE LIFETIME warranty, and we will pay off your trade in! Call us today at 1-866-845-1603! Get your FREE instant credit score at
Free LIFETIME WARRANTY! Own a Vehicle Regardless of Credit! We will pay off your trade!

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(20 reviews)

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Had a parking lot fender bender. Body shop found an existing tear suspension shotty repair in the car they sold me.. could have been fatal at highway speed. 1st call told me they just ran car fax and no issues. 2nd call with proof they then said I bought as is. $ 2000 to fix the dangerous shotty repair in the rear suspension. Also reported to City of St. Charles.


Let the Lies begin

Was told 5 or 6 times that I was qualified for a $15000 Loan had a friend bring me up There. Knew instantly it was going to be bad . It says 0 down and no payments for 90 days 1st thing he asked me if I had a down payment When it clearly said no Down payment and no payment for 90 daysYou told me multiple times that I was approved just to come up and get the vehicle then he said I Needed a CO SignerOn the online application I never filled out the part was co-applicant and I was deniedDon't believe a word they say big waste my time


Tricked and lied to

BUYERS. EWARE. The manager promised car mats. When they didn’t arrive, I called. He avoided my calls and stopped answering his phone. He was always “busy” or “ out of the office” according to sales reps. Customer Service stops once you sign the buyers order.


Good service, good value

Website has excellent information on their inventory. Patrick was very friendly and cooperative in showing cars, providing test drives and answering all our questions. Very fair pricing. Was worth the trip from St. Louis County.


Show some professionalism!

I had the misfortune of going into AutoCenters St. Charles today. I was pre-qualified for an auto loan and had picked out a car from their dealership that I liked. When I was speaking to the salesperson about my trade in value he explained to me how their dealership works. He said “We mark down our cars because we sell for volume, so we make a little money off a lot of people instead of JEWING a few people.” I was in disbelief at what I had heard so I asked him to repeat himself and his second version had been amended to redact the Anti-Semitic reference. I called him out on in saying that he did not originally say that and he immediately started apologizing for the insult. When I spoke to the floor manager he said “I don’t think he knew he said it.” Again, total disbelief, I told the sales manager that if that is true then it is even worse because he is causally using vernacular that is an insult to such a large group of people without thinking it is. DO NOT GO HERE FOR A CAR! Whether you’re Jewish or not, businesses like this should not be supported in any manner. This dealership is incredibly unprofessional. I would strongly advise you do business elsewhere.

Dealer response

Thank you for providing your feedback and letting us know about this issue, Latonya. We set a high standard for ourselves and are truly sorry to hear that standard was not met in your interaction with us. This has been sent directly to the General Manager.


Please save yourself the headache! Don’t go here!!

Please be very careful if you choose to get a vehicle from here. I have told everyone I know that this was the worst experience I’ve ever had buying a car, and warned everyone not to go here. If you believe me and don’t want to read the rest of this review, great. But if you really want to know all of the reasons we feel disappointed, go ahead and read on. We found our Honda Pilot on CarGuru, and the price was very competitive and exactly what we wanted. However after everything has been said and done, this was absolutely not a good deal. This car dealership gives a bad name to used car salesmen everywhere, and I’ve never felt more taken advantage of and disappointed in other humans in my life. First, the lifetime warranty fiasco. When we showed up to Autocenters, Pat was our sales representative. He told us multiple times during our test drive how we would be receiving a lifetime warranty for the vehicle and how this would cover the engine and transmission. He talked up this warranty multiple times. Well after the test drive our 1 year old daughter was getting restless, so my husband left with her so I could stay to sign for the car. Then IN THE MIDDLE of signing the paperwork, Pat showed me a piece of paper and said, “here is where you sign for the warranty.” Then I looked at the paperwork he was having me sign, and it said “As is, no warranty.” So I brought this to his attention, and he said, “oh yeah, you guys don’t get the warranty because your car has over 100,000 miles.” Then he took that piece of paper away without having me sign it. (By the way, the car had 102,000 miles) Let me reiterate this point to you... My husband had left the dealership, I was stranded and rushed and had just been told we aren’t getting a warranty. It was getting late, and I had no ride at that moment, so I just continued with the rest of the signatures for the car. Well, when I got home I told my husband about the warranty, and he was really upset so he called up the next day and complained about this to them. He told them how he felt it was really underhanded to wait until I was all alone signing the paperwork to mention that we didn’t get a warranty. So they offered to have us pay for a limited warranty (instead of the unlimited one we would have gotten for free with the purchase of the car). We said no to this because we didn’t think we should have to pay for one when they lied about the warranty in the first place. Then a week later.... our check engine light comes on. So we had no warranty and a new car that needed work done to it. I took the Pilot to the Honda dealership near our house to have them give me a diagnostic for what the light meant. I also had to get the safety and emissions done (not to mention, when we bought the car, I asked if this was done for the Pilot and was told yes, but it was done 4 months before we bought the car and was no longer usable). So I got the diagnostic for the check engine light, and it showed that we needed a new sensor. While they were checking the car, they also found that the timing belt and brushings needed to be replaced. If we would have gotten these things repaired at the Honda dealership, it would have been over $3000 in repairs (for a car we JUST bought). Luckily we have a good mechanic who was able to do all of the repairs for us for for $1600. However, that was still an extra $1600 that we were not expecting to pay on a new car. Our mechanic told us that the repairs were luckily just standard maintenance for a car at this mileage and age, however, there was no way that the dealership sold us the car and didn’t know about these repairs that would need to be done. So basically what looked like a great deal on a good car ended up being a huge headache and not that great of a deal. Oh wait there’s actually more! When we were on the test drive, my husband noticed that there was a missing head rest in the second row seating area. We were promised a head rest, and it was even written into

Dealer response

We're sorry to hear this, and your review has been sent to the owner who will be reaching out. Thank you


Don't waste your time

rip off artists who sell frame damaged vehicles to unsuspecting buyers - who sells frame damaged vehicles anyhow? these guys do - buyer beware and read everything before you sign it because these guys are super sneaky and disingenuous - anything to make a buck and they certainly do not stand behind their vehicles -

Dealer response

Unfortunately we cannot ID this reviewer to look into this potential issue because they are not using a real name.


If It's Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is

I was in the market for an Infiniti. I found one on their website that looked great. I drove up from Lake of the Ozarks to see it in person. Everything looked great, it drove great, the price was great. I felt like it was too good to be true. I felt like SOMETHING had to be wrong with it, but everything checked out. I went against my better judgement and bought it, even though the whole process seemed sketchy. I have had my car for 2 weeks. Different lights have been coming on so I took it to an Infiniti dealer (in keeping with their "warranty" terms) to have it checked out. Low and behold a wheel bearing was shot and the breaks were shot. a $1700 repair. The serviceman at Infiniti told me that the car should not have passed inspection. Well, I thought it was ok, because the dealer had a 90 day warranty. I gave them a call. The attitude of the salesman couldn't have been more opposite than it was on the day that I bought the car. He told me that he doesn't know how I drive and it was absolutely possible that I caused those problems in the 2 weeks that I have owned it and they wouldn't have sold a car with shot breaks. GIVE ME A BREAK. I have never been so livid. I have owned Infinitis my entire life and I have never had problems with wearing the brakes or wheel bearings down. Even my 2005 Infiniti is still driving strong. There is NO WAY they didn't know the brakes and wheel bearing were bad. Also the brake fluid was nearly empty. The dismissive attitude has pushed me to the point of writing a review, something I have never done. BUYER BEWARE!!!!! That good deal you are about to get is most likely not what it seems. They are deceitful, lying, and REALLY good at it. Trust your gut!!!!

Dealer response

We have already covered this with the reviewer, and he has failed to note that he drove the vehicle hundreds of miles after he purchased it. Within that time frame we cannot come to the conclusion that this wasn't something that was an issue before the buyer took ownership.


Good service but inconvenience later

After vehicle purchase, I was given back my paperwork for licensing, why didn't they inform me that my emission test failed, still working on this.

Dealer response

We have resolved this, sorry for the inconvenience.


Worst car dealership ever

They have the worst customer service/salesmen I have ever experienced. They are lying and deceiving and unfortunately I didn't realize until it was too late. I have bought many cars and they are by far the worst dealership I have ever dealt with. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone!!

Dealer response

Unfortunately, we are unable to do anything to resolve this because reviewer chooses to not use real credentials.

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