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About our dealership

Dominic Pugliani affectionately called Pugi by family and friends grew up in Chicago's inner city. He joined the Marine Corps at a young age and served our country in Vietnam as a Supply Sergeant. Actually it was probably there that he really grew up; and it was definitely there he learned how to get people what they want. It's this upbringing that makes Pugi a great family man friend and a fantastic person to buy a car from.

Dominic is a man of integrity as is the dealership bearing his name Pugi of Downers Grove. As such you can expect Price Sales and Ownership Integrity and when you can get that it's a beeeeeaauuuutiful thing!
Welcome to Pugi Mazda - When You Get the Pugi Price and Save buying a car from Pugi can be a Beautiful Thing!

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(11 reviews)

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A Dealership with Integry

In my opinion, Pugi Mazda is one of the BEST dealerships in the Midwest. I attest to this because they proved to me and my family that integrity is a standard of their business. I have bought quite a few vehicles over the years, and Pugi Mazda was the ONLY dealership to rectify a deal I wasn’t completely happy with. Communication was excellent from my thoughtful salesman Anthony to the director of operations, Gary. They took great care of me, and made my 2020 year so much brighter. We all know 2020 goes down in history, LOL. I leased a brand new beautiful CX-5. They gave me the best rate possible...even better than my pre-approved military loan. I don’t know of another dealership that can do it. Hands down NONE!! Bill and Gary treated me with the utmost respect. They listened and won my business as long as I’m in the Midwest. The best dealership, even when you’re inexperienced in car buying. Thank you Pugi Mazda for being such a BLESSING! Consuela Sanders


Great experience!

I just had a great used car buying experience at Pugi Mazda in Downers Grove, IL. I made an appointment for a test drive and met with Jesus (Jesse) Sánchez. He toured me around the lot and we discussed what I was looking for. He came back with keys for a couple cars to test, brought me a bottle of cold water, and we went for a drive. It was great. I wanted the car, but not immediately. Jesse explained that he couldn’t hold it, but he had similar cars arriving soon. (Absolutely no pressure to upsell, make a deposit, or make a decision.) Later in the day, I called for more information and again no pressure, and he gave complete answers. I decided that evening to buy the car, and texted him to let him know. Jesse set up an appointment for the next day and we figured the out the door price. He offered me several add-ons but didn’t pressure when I declined. The trade in pricing was generous, and the closing process was very transparent, and well explained. All in all a pleasant experience for buying a used car. I left the dealership with a great car, and feeling that I received an excellent deal from people I can trust. Mr. Jesse Sanchez is an example of how a sales consultant works well with a customer and makes the dealership look good!


I will NEVER buy from ANY Pugi dealership.

After seeing the Pugi commercial that mentioned that some 2019s were still available, my wife and I decided to check out the 2019 Mazda CX-5 Signature AWD Sport Utility. 1. The website shows that the vehicle prices had been reduced by $4000, but nothing was in the showroom that showed the new price. The salesman didn't seem aware of the new prices. To us, t seemed more like the new price wouldn't have been offered if we didn't know about it. 2. We were told that the 2019s were all demos, which explained the scratches on the hood. 3. The manager said the CX-5 had 5000 miles on it. Our salesman didn't know where the keys were, so we couldn't verify the mileage. 4. The connsole was full of candy wrappers and the cupholder had some dried liquid stuck at the bottom. 5. I told the manager that they'd have a tough time selling the vehicle in it's current state and that the price reduction should be shown somewhere. He only wanted to argue, which cost Pugi a possible sale. I will NEVER buy from ANY Pugi dealership.


Excellent value and experience

I found Andreas, the salesman, to be honest and easy to work with. He was not pushy and was very patient. The finance person, Katie, was terrific. I left there feeling like I got a good deal that was fair to all involved. Great selection and excellent car buying experience.



Purchased a vehicle from Pugi Mazda and it was the best experience ever. Bill Richey and Jessie made my day. I would recommend them to anyone.

Dealer response

Thank you for the kind words and for your business!! Please let us know how we can help in the future.


Congratulations on the bare minimum

On a scale from zero to ten, with zero being "they could care less about my business" and ten being that "I am priority number one," I felt that I was about a two. I scheduled a visit to drive an hour away to view a pre-owned vehicle that I was interested in, and the car was not even remotely ready for my visit (buried behind other cars, no gas, not washed and detailed). The salesman profusely apologized, but apologies only get you so far. Even through the dirt, I could see hail damage. That was my main complaint for the price that they were asking. I didn't BS them on the price, but they probably figured I wouldn't notice the damage. The salesman offered to have it fixed and I agreed to a sale pending (my satisfactory review of) the repair. The repairs got delayed for several days, and I had to find this out after calling the sales manager after not getting updated by my salesman. Apparently I wasn't important enough to get basic status updates. I drove (again) an hour to view the the repairs and sign the papers. The hail damage repair was OK (not great, not bad), but seeing the clean(er) car showed me more scuffs and scratches. I wasn't impressed with their auto body staff at this point. After getting in the car, I immediately noticed the previous detailing issues that I had pointed out on my last visit. Simple fixes guys! Come on! I waited.. and waited.. and waited for my salesman (who knew I was ready to buy). He decided a prospective sale was more important than mine. I had to walk up to the sales managers cubicle and ask how much longer it would take. Apparently there were two other sales "ahead of me," and it was best for me to come back later. The GM just happened to be sitting there. He assured me that my next visit will be the last. It turned out to be a prophecy. I arrive a few days later (on time and on appointment) after being pushed off. I sign the papers thinking that I was priority, and that I would be in and out given my very simple finances. Not so. I had to wait through THREE other arduous finance cases to be seen by the finance manager. What makes things worse, I heard the finance manager and sales people working through interest rates and monthly payments WHILE MY PRE-APPROVED FINANCE PAPERWORK WAS ALREADY DONE, yet the two others taking dealer financing HAD PRIORITY OVER ME. Fine. I didn't just have a rough ten hour day at work and then have to spend a total of three hours driving in the rain to spend another hour and a half waiting for your inept staff. Note: My financial paperwork took 10 minutes.. tops. Would it have killed Pugi to get the pre-approved guy done before the wishy-washy kids? (Answering myself: Yes, because we make more money off the idiots) I drove the car home and read my remote start manual. I can't describe my disappointment when I found out that I only had one 2-way remote when I specifically inquired about two. This is something that I specificaly inquired about in an email to my salesman. He was too busy to correctly read and interpret my concern. With zero faith left in the dealership, I bought the 2-way remote and found out how to program it. Less than 24 hours after I drove the car off the lot, a co-worker pointed out that my driver side brake light was out. I didn't think to ckeck something as simple as that given this car was being sold by a "legitimate" mazda dealership. You know, with checklists, and standards.. The take away: Doing the bare minimum for a customer is a sure fire way of never seeing them again. This review will be posted on all applicable social media and review sites.

Dealer response

I am sorry to hear that you had a negative experience at our dealership. We take our customers opinions very seriously and I would like to discuss this situation with you so we can avoid it in the future. Please call me at 630.964.9500 ext.107. Thank you. Bill Richey


1st Time at Pugi

I just went in to drive the car, and left with the deal I was looking for. What a pleasant surprise! Eric did a great job working with us and made the entire experience easy and low key. Katy in finance was patient and helpful throughout. The folks at Pugi made it easy.

Dealer response

Hello TopDownDan, Thank you for the great review! We are thrilled to hear that you had a wonderful experience here at Pugi of Downers Grove. We will be sure to pass along the kind words. Thank you again for your business and don't forget to tell your friends and family about Pugi of Downers Grove!


Well worth the hour drive!

Definitely the best car buying experience I have had in my 63 years of life. I have been researching many different makes and models of used cars over various app platforms. Luckily Cars.Com came up with an outstanding match offered by Pugi Mazda in Downers Grove. I was familar with Pugi's reputation because my daughter had a great experience with them 4 years ago. I emailed Jackie Hefner with an availabily request. She answered very quickly and was very pleasant even though i had to reschedule a few times. She respected my privacy by not pestering me like many other dealerships. We finally made the connection and i met Chad who was very pleasant and patient with my question. We had showed up 2 and a half hours late on July 3rd 30 minutes before closing. The car was available for an immediate test drive. While we were drining he did an appraisal of my trade in. We loved the car and found that our trade in was appraised for more than we expected. The contract and financing was painless. No games, everything was straight forward and we were new car owners in a fraction of the time other purchases had taken. No aspirin needed. It was defunitely the best experience. In fact i am running back down because the Finance manager found a better deal with another bank and adding more warranty coverage. Who does this? Pugi does! Over and above expectations.

Dealer response

Hello Sean, Thank you for the great review! We are thrilled to hear that you had a wonderful experience here at Pugi of Downers Grove. We will be sure to pass along the kind words. Thank you again for your business and don't forget to tell your friends and family about Pugi of Downers Grove!


2nd Pugi in 3 years

Had a 1pm appointment and by 2 deal was done. Price given by Anthony and internet group was outstanding. They honored the trade about I had by a third party, in my favor. There was NO PRESSURE to by at any time. Spent most of my in finance with Katy and by her own admission she is meticulous and thorough but I enjoyed the conversation so I felt I was in good hands. Dennis was outstanding at delivery and I appreciated his help all along the way. They really took good care of me. Thanks guys.

Dealer response

Hello Harold, Thank you for the great review! We are thrilled to hear that you had a wonderful experience here at Pugi of Downers Grove. We will be sure to pass along the kind words. Thank you again for your business and don't forget to tell your friends and family about Pugi of Downers Grove!


Great Buying Process!

I was pleasantly surprised with the low pressure buying process for my Mazda 6 on January 26, 2019. Rudy of internet sales was very straightforward in giving me the full price breakdown. Other dealers didn't reply when I asked for additional pricing details. Dennis in the showroom was an expert on the Mazda 6 and answered all my questions. Bill was great in terms of agreeing on a fair price in a low pressure environment. Katy in financing was also great. I was never asked to buy paint sealant or window etching etc. I highly recommend this dealer!

Dealer response

Glen, thank you for the great review! We are thrilled to hear that you had a wonderful experience here at Pugi with Rudy, Dennis, Katy, and Bill. We are grateful to have them apart of our team and we will be sure to pass along the kind words. Thank you again for your business and don't forget to tell your friends and family about Pugi in Downers Grove!

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