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bought a 2002 crv , needed a $10 repair & our mechanic advised us he wouldn't spend another dime on it as the whole frame is rusted out & it is a road hazard. i called this guy he said would call the auction that sold it to him. i never heard bacj from him again. i should have sued him !, i see his website is down, he prob has a different name & a different place out there still scamming people.


No longer at this address

I went to see 1 of the vehicles listed on and the lot was empty. Either Gender auto sales has moved or they are no longer in business.


Looking for a 350z

Pathetic dealership and and more sad customer service I've been looking for a 350z for a year now and still have bo luck they are selling salvage title cars


Salvage vehicles. No service.

I was looking for Nissan 350Z's for a few weeks and came across this dealership that has multiple listings for Z's. Please note that these are all salvage vehicles that have been temporarily fixed by the dealership. Costumer service is a joke here. Do not recommend.


No One home

Iv tried calling, emailing, texted the number at the end of the call and nothing. Not sure if they are still active from COVID.


Bad place

Called and some guy answered with a "what do you want" that's about where my experience with this place ended. Would not ever recommend this place.


My Experience

I've been looking at purchasing a Nissan 350z for quite some time now and this "dealership' has quite a few in stock. I was about to bite the bullet and drive up to Ohio and purchase one listed for just under 7k. Pictures seemed okay and everything was fine until I looked up the VIN of the car. It had been in a wreck and has a salvage title. That was not in the listing once so ever. I'm so happy I didn't purchase my next car from this place.


Is anyone home?

Emailed through this site twice no response. Called no response. Drove from Rockbridge to buy a car Nissan rogue....creepy lot. Very uncomfortable. Just a crappy seedy looking building with 20 cars out front got back in car looking fir reviews...holy crap how does this place stay in business?


unprofessional and shady

From the time you walk in to the test drive to the time you leave, the whole business is questionable at best. I have never been to a more impersonal feeling business in my life and the cars I drove seemed to be very high priced for the condition, conditions that seemed to be quick bandaids that didn't hold. Overall, if they want to do well as a company they need to invest in some better people skills and start being honest. (Should also start turning on some lights maybe)


No response!!

Called, sent message, never got a call or message back! Was going to drive up from Chillicothe with cash to buy a suv! Now vehicle is gone! Beyond pi@@ed! Show get Zero stars from this customer!!

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