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Recognized as San Diego County's #1 Volume Sales Leader by Hyundai Motor Co. we are California's Longest Standing Dealership providing excellent service since 1986! Being Family Owned and Operated, our team specializes in offering the best vehicles to suit your transportation needs while saving you valuable time and money. We make doing car deals easy! It's a 3 step process: 1. Provide you all of the information you need, 2. Help you find the vehicle you will love, 3. Do these things in a timely, professional manner.
California's longest standing dealership since 1986!

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(100 reviews)

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They are only nice and helpful before you sign the deal. We got awful treatment after we paid for the car. Suddenly they were very angry and rude talking to us, including hanging up the phone on us. Had to drive there several more times to get the second key for the car that they lost, bring additional documents they forgot to ask for the first time, and all the times being treated like crap. Would not go there again no matter the deals they are offering.


Lies on services sold

Purchased a plan with frank hyundai to supposedly cover all maintenance, paint chips, small scratches, interior dirt unable to be removed, etc. Paid about 38k so 10k on top of the 28k the ultimate Ioniq cost and they said the plan covered accross the country, which it doesn't, then they said the plan didn't cover what they said it did and now I cant get a copy of the warranty information they were suppose to give me in a week when the financing check cleared... Lies



I came into Frank Hyundai dealership looking to either buy a Hyundai or Honda. I was pleasantly impressed with Hyundai, not so with Frank Hyundai. I knew much more about the car than the salesman. HE admitted that he had only worked there for two months, so did not know everything about the car - but he wasn't even close knowing the HP of the Santa Fe (around 300 he stated). Many answers were this far off, or simply vague, but to give him some credit he did get some of the details correct. None of my questions were difficult (all information is on the website) so he should know everything on the website on every car in two months! Come on! I also brought in a voucher to get a $25 gift card for test driving a car. That was not the reason I actually came in.... But the salesman could not deliver. He had me text a number, and they would send me the card. Then when that did not work, he asked me to call one of their offices, no one returned my call. I followed up with him and he said he would get back to me. Never did. Today he checked in to ask where I was with my purchasing process - and now can't remember any details of the gift card. Of course not, he can't remember details about the cars - how can he possible remember who I am (from a month ago) nor details about my visit.... Well, perhaps enough to say 'I had fun on our test drive". After not recalling my details on the gift card, he invited me to call Traci and she would take care of the card. Well, if he can't take care of this issue, how can I every trust Frank Hyundai to take care of me and my car in the future?


I would not trust this dealership.

I know car dealerships are in it to make money, but to sell a car out from under their own representative who had promised the car to another person is the type of sleazy stuff you hear about dealerships. Sad!


Save yourself the headache and purchase elsewhere

Purchased my 2020 Hyundai palisade in august of 2019. Upon walking into the car dealership, my husband and i were the only customers of color. No one came to help us or check what we needed for at least 30 min. Plenty reps were available but too busy helping those that came and didn’t look like us. I had an appointment but they didn’t come to work. I was assigned an internet rep who’d been there over 6 months and never sold a car, likely cause they assumed we wouldn’t purchase. Rep could barely tell me anything about my car or tell me important details about the veh I’d need after purchase like how to let my seats down or open gas tank or that my purchase included warranty/roadside..found that out on my own. They tried to force me to do in house financing with higher APR than my CU that i already told them i knew i was going with. After my purchase i found out i got a “protective coating” that was basically a scam and the next week i wanted it cancelled i never got it applied and it was over $700 in my loan! They refused to work with my schedule to apply it or remove the service from my contract and the service during the time was insulting from the agents there. I was lied to saying if you don’t want it we’ll refund you then they’d say they never said that. Fast forward to my first routine service, due to my complaints at purchase manager said my first routine service would be free. I called to schedule it only to find out that manager never put that in my contract and since i couldn’t remember his name i was told “that’s not our problem it’s not in your contact, we aren’t giving you anything free.” And hung up in my face. I was demeaned and outright disrespected by this company, and harassed by my sales rep for over 2 months saying i MUST fill out a 5 star review for him as part of my sale and that it’s required that i do it..i know that gets him extra pay so i did not as my experience was NOT even 1 star experience! I want a refund for the protective coating that we never received and i want my promised oil change. It makes me extremely uncomfortable as a service member who is barely home that if my wife has issues with her vehicle she can’t take it to the place of purchase for service because they yell at her, they demean her, they disrespect her, and they hang up in her face. A purchase so big should not seem like crabs in a bucket to this company and we do not feel like valued customers at all. We highly regret the purchase at the location and $700 financed into a loan accruing interest on something we couldn’t even receive is absurd


Jasson Alvarez Hernandez

Me atendieron De maravilla. Son unos profesionales. Les recomiendo comprar aquí. Acabo de comprar un carro para mi esposa y ella no sabes pero se pondrá feliz. Mil Gracias


Amazing experience

Tim brown from the finance department at Frank Hyundai has always helped me with auto needs. Highly recommend seeing him. Was a pleasure to work with.


Very helpful

Tim Brown went above and beyond to help me with a car. His knowledge of cars is impressive as well as very helpful when you dont know excatly what your wanting. Thank you for your help. I will definitely be back


Great experience!

Tim Brown was great with all of his information. Buying a car for my Mom, warranty is very important! He explained everything. Put my mind at ease. Awesome!


One happy customer here.

Stopped by to look at Hyundai Veloster N here, I thought I wasn't gonna be able to afford it, but, they offered me military discounts plus other rebates to meet my budget. It's the best feeling driving the car i really want out of their parking lot, I'm so thankful.

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