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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(126 reviews)

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Disappointed Customer!!

Sales manager & salesman were great. After the purchase an employee only known to me as Cody Phillips, wanted me to take delivery of my new truck, which I declined because it needed detailing and other extras which were to be installed by dealership. So he insisted that my two trade vehicles needed to be turned over to them. I asked to hold onto one until I took delivery of my truck, and he refused stating that something could happen to it, I even asked for a loaner which was also denied. So for about four days until my truck is complete I will be without transportation. Not cool and definitely not customer satisfaction.

Dealer response

David, I'm very sorry to hear that our team didn't make more of an effort to find a suitable solution for you. I can certainly understand how frustrating being without transportation can be, and I regret that we left you in this situation. I will discuss what you've shared here with the proper personnel to ensure we're always going above and beyond to meet the needs of our guests. I would like to speak with you about your experience and see what I can do to assist you from here. Without your last name, I won't have the ability to locate your contact information, so I urge you to give me a call. Thank you, Jacob Boggus - General Manager - (956) 423-2580


Si ubiese leeido estos comentarios ni compro nada alli el...

Si ubiese leeido estos comentarios ni compro nada alli el vendedor muy bien un 100 el de finance un -0 tegrese a cambiar algo que no queria de aseguros y me contesto yo nomas ago papeles aqui como quoen dise me labo las manos y tarde como 3 meses en arreglar todo, pero si es la ultima ves que regreso alli

Dealer response

Yo siento mucho su frustración y que usted haya tenido experiencia negativa aquí. Nosotros lamentamos la perdida de su negocio. Me gustaría hablar contigo si estés dispuesto, por favor considere llamarme a (956) 423-2580. Gracias, Jacob Boggus - Gerente General



In December 2018, I began searching for a car for my 18 year-old son. I saved up $10,000 to buy a used car. I didn't want to go to those roadside car lots because I was afraid of being scammed. I have never been a fan of Ford but I thought I would give them a chance. The salesman showed me a 2014 Focus. The price including TT&L was $10,000. I thought maybe it was meant to be. It was later in the evening when I purchased the car. After getting it home, I noticed it had 4 bald tires. That was clue #1. I took it back and they did replace the tires, no charge. Flash forward 4 months and about 700 driving miles, my son takes the car for an oil change to an outside business. The air filter was dirty and had to be replaced. No big deal, but that was clue #2 that the car had not even had routine maintenance before it was put on the lot for resale. A couple days later, I took a ride with my son and noticed the car was lurching pretty badly when it was shifting. My son is young & doesn't know much about cars, and I am a woman who admittedly doesn't know much about them either. But I knew something was definitely wrong with that lurch. I took the car in and was told the clutch was bad, and since the car was no longer under warranty, would cost $1,400 to repair. Only 4 months after purchase, are you kidding me?! At that time I did what I should have done in the 1st place, and searched the net for problems with 2014 Focus. I was inundated with page after page of complaints about the clutch and transmission on that model. I brought that up to the people at Boggus and they told me the car had no problems with the previous owner. I verbalized my frustration with Boggus and told them I could not afford to be forking out $1,400 periodically for a faulty, mechanically flawed car. I asked to sell it back to them. They happily agreed to sell it back to me for about $3,000, 1/3 of what I paid for it 4 months earlier, because after all, now the car needs repair and is worth $1,400 less. Or they offered to put me in another car that they could set up reasonable payments for. REALLY??!! I paid cash for the car because I didn't want payments. Next they said they might be willing to pay half of the repair cost. Seriously??!! I called the Ford corporate office to complain and was told they were not going to do anything more to make the situation right. Next I received a call from Boggus telling me they had good news!!! The part that had been replaced with the previous owner was still under warranty as long as the car was repaired by the same people who worked on the car before. Neither they nor I would have to foot the bill for the repair. Now the story before was that the car had no problems or repairs with the previous owner. All of a sudden they disclose that the car did in fact have issues before. They called me that the car was repaired and back at the dealership. I decided I didn't want to keep an unreliable money pit of a car and told them I wanted to sell it back. $5,000 is what the manager offered, half what I paid for it 4 months earlier. The salesman said he could get me into a new Fiesta for $17,000 with low payments. How nice of him. You can't make this stuff up. Long story short, I got scammed. Now I have to save up another $5,000 to try to get my son a decent car to drive to school and work. I basically paid $5,000 to drive a car for 4 months and 700 miles. What they did is so wrong. Boggus doesn't care about its customers. They are driven by greed. Don't believe the sign on their door posting hours of operation that reads: SUNDAY- AT CHURCH. I don't think so. Heed the warning, let the buyer beware. Think twice before you go to this dealership. I would give it zero stars if I could.



It is) the worst experience of my life .. they are never another deal in this branch. I am so sorry for your service. At first, buy a truck that does not look good. At night. If I know it's my fault for asepting the deal, but they sold me a garbage ... without tires ... all the smooth tires. And one of them was a 5-inch-long slit that put my life in danger. an accident .. a bank that financed me with the highest rate of interests and additional charges of 3000 dollars .. a truck that at the beginning of the treatment started in 15800 I finish in 19900 is a scam and an abuse of trust in my life .. I never felt so stupid to sign a deal .. so fraudulent ... my experience was terrifying .. I never felt so cheated in my life.When buying a truck crap too overvalued .. is a scam.. Es la peor experiencia de mi vida ... nunca son otra cosa en esta rama. Lo siento mucho por su servicio. Al principio, compra un camión que no se vea bien. Por la noche. Si sé que es culpa mía que haya aceptado el trato, pero me vendieron basura ... sin neumáticos ... todos los neumáticos lisos. Y uno de ellos era una hendidura de 5 pulgadas de largo que puso mi vida en peligro. un accidente ... un banco que me financió con la tasa más alta de intereses y cargos adicionales de 3000 dólares ... un camión que al comienzo del tratamiento iniciado en 15800 termino en 19900 es una estafa y un abuso de confianza en mi vida .. Nunca me sentí tan estúpido como para firmar un trato ... tan fraudulento ... mi experiencia fue aterradora ... Nunca me sentí tan engañado en mi vida. Cuando compro una camioneta demasiado sobrevaluada ... es una estafa


1st class

I always leave satisfied! They always insure my vehicle is in tip top shape!


Very Helpful.

Very helpful and knowledgeable people. Steve Hollon and Sonia Zuniga explained everything very well and Sonia was able to secure a lower interest rate than offered by Ford. Personal attention was appreciated .


In resolved issues

They caused an issue that they cannot fix on my 2017 mustang the car has been at the dealership for two months and they cannot fix the problem they refused to give me another car they cannot tell me when the issue will be resolved I feel helpless I will never do business here again

Dealer response

We regret that this situation has not been resolved to your satisfaction and we would like to try to restore your confidence in our business. Please reach out to us at (956) 423-2580 when you have a chance so we can discuss your concerns in hopes of resolving this matter to your satisfaction. Your comments play a key role in the success of our business so we hope to speak with you soon.



Very satisfied with the professional technicians and the way they explain and answer all questions asked in layman terminology.

Dealer response

Oralia, we're pleased to hear everything was completed to your satisfaction! Please don't hesitate to reach out if there's anything additional we can do for you.


My 2016 F250 Survey

Prompt at serving people there service is fast schedules are on time.The service advisors are always attentive to people and offer amenities I have never had any problem to this day..keep up the good work!!


2011 Escape

I asked for an appointment and received one very quickly.

Dealer response

Betty, thank you for your wonderful response to the quality of service our Staff provides! We hope to be of service to you again! Take care!

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