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At McGee we believe that buying a vehicle should be a simple integrity based hassle-free process. At McGee Buick GMC we are committed to providing you with the information and service necessary to achieve that goal. Whether you are shopping for a new or pre-owned vehicle or if you are having your vehicle serviced my team and I are committed to providing you with excellence.

Let me tell you why McGee Buick GMC is the best place in Central Massachusetts and Connecticut to purchase a Buick or GMC:

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(143 reviews)

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Bought a used Santa Fe after trading in another Hyundai.

Bought a used Santa Fe after trading in another Hyundai. Brakes failed within two weeks, had to argue with them to get them to fix it. Service manager admitted to me they knew they sold me it that way. They took 13 DAYS to issue the registration, but NEVER sent it to me, so I am unable to legally drive the car or have it inspected. Avoid at all costs. This business is probably on its way out and is as shady as they come.


Best Service Experience Ever

During my last service visit, Jimmy and McGee Toyota went above and beyond my highest expectations. I was extremely impressed with Jimmy's communication, vehicle knowledge and friendly disposition. My wife and I will be bringing our 4Runners to McGee from now on! We were so impressed that we ordered a new one!


The worst dealer we've every dealt with.

The worst dealer we've every dealt with. The salesperson did not know that we could finance through our own bank. Because we did not finance through them, they never added the actual lien holder to the title but sent it directly to us. We have had to work with the bank, insurance company and registry to get the lien holder added. The sales person also told us that they would reimburse us for the cost of the inspection sticker. I sent the receipt and copy of sticker back in December and am still waiting to be reimbursed. Not sure why we had to pay dealer fees which usually include sticker, running to the registry etc. since we've had to handle this ourselves. I do not recommend this dealer.



Both my vehicles are serviced there. Great people in service and sales. I didn't buy there but they go above and beyond to keep me rolling. Thank you all


Got a Great Deal on a Malibu!

I owed a lot on my Cruze and it was starting to have some real mechanical issues - a cylinder head was going and it was up for some major repairs, plus the monthly payment. John, Brian and Mike were all very helpful to get me a fair trade number on my car and help me get into a Malibu without jumping my payment too much. They took great care of me.


Never have given a negative review for any entity in my...

Never have given a negative review for any entity in my life. Felt obligated to in this case. Had 2 interactions with 2 different personal at the service desk on the day of service, May 15, 2021. One service desk person was very helpful, friendly and genuinely nice. Unfortunately I don't know his name. The other one, who must have been the nice ones supervisor, was very curt, snotty and really rude. I have since learned he was Daniel Obara. Follow up call 17 days later looking for my registration which they took at time of service because I was trying to get an inspection after the car was serviced. That call unfortunately was with Daniel Obara whose voice I recognized from my service visit. He continued to be very short, rude and totally unhelpful. Continued to repeat the same thing over and over even though it was useless information and he made no attempt to even look to see if they had my registration. He kept saying over and over to bring the car in and they would help me look for my registration like maybe I hadn't looked for in the car or like they had some secret location to look for it in my car. This man definitely doesn't like working with the public and in my opinion shouldn't be allowed to. I will not use this dealership's service department ever again. Please note my complaint is not about the people that actually worked on the vehicle. It's only against that one service desk person, Daniel Obara.


Disorganized and uncoordinated. The Good first, the...

Disorganized and uncoordinated. The Good first, the vehicle we looked for was there in great shape and they offered very fair deal. The woman in finance was excellent and helpful (even though was cash deal) as was Ray helping get deal done after we moved on from salesperson John based on how he treats women. The bad-John.. while leaning into back of vehicle with wife my wife simply asked if he would wear his mask correctly-not below his chin. Reaction was "listen lady I have been working all day and I am not supposed to even be here so relax" We moved on from John. Ray completed transaction, agreed to fix small chip in windshield by giving us a "WE OWE" slip then would get car titled/reg and inspected. Next day-not done (reg & windshield), next day not done, next day not done but had to pick up so picked it up with no reg, Tyler did delivery and was kind but knew nothing about reg or windshield repair. Was assured they would mail reg and if we got winshield fixed they would reimburse. 2 days later we got windshied fixed and sent Mike the receipt and told him we still had no reg. He took a day but did fined it and did call ME vs making me chase him. He took pic and texted me copy of reg. Told me check and actual reg in mail. 7 days later-still nothing, 2 days later he responds that he was out sick and only owner can sign checks thus delay. next day (18 days after purchase) he says they are in mail, seperatly, 10 days later reg arrived, no check, it has now been 34 days since purchase-no response after calling daily. I assume they are disorganized and not fraudlent as with exception of john they have all been pleasant- just not getting job done..For small dealer there are lots of people/turnover and I dont think they communicate or are very organized.


worst experience ever.

classic bait and switch. manager is rude and totally unprofessional finance with the dealer or the price increases after we had already been told what the price would be. total waste of time!!! buyer beware


Hard situation worked out

Had a bad experience with a used vehicle I bought. Long story short major failure months after purchase, terrible practice from a service advisor no longer there. Expensive repair they didnt want to cover. We ended up workibg out a deal to trade vehicle back in. I definitely lost money and they lost some money it was a xxxx situation for everyone. Couldve gone better couldve gone worse. We realized a higher mileage used vehicle wasnt in the cards so we went new. Jason in sales was great, Alex in service was great. Steve at the desk worked with us for sure Ray seemed useless and he was the GM. Eric dealt with us originally and helped out at end. It worked out as good as possible and was still a costly swap for everyone


Swindlers Paradise: Buyer Beware

If you are looking for a no-hassle, easy and stress free car buying experience that quickly turns into instant regret, then this is the car dealership for your next car purchase! My husband and I came to McGee as I had 3 months remaining on my lease, which was going to be ending around the same time as I'm due to give birth to our first child. Many dealerships in the area had been reaching out about "buying out" the end of my lease, if they could get me into a new vehicle. So, we walked in and worked with Jason Watkins. I explained to Jay that I was looking to get a good deal on ending my lease, and purchasing a new vehicle (rather than leasing again). Jay was cordial, took us on a test drive of the vehicle I was interested in, and we came back to discuss numbers. Then the red flags began. . . Red Flag #1 - Jay would not give us a cost breakdown of the entire purchase, "Oh that's not how we do things here, we use the 4 squares method, where we look at your payment in 4 different scenarios" - at which point I explained, I wasn't interested in the bait and switch of the monthly payment game, I wanted to focus on the overall cost of the vehicle, and taking care of my outstanding lease. He wouldn't budge because they operate only in the boxes. Red Flag #2 - Another woman was in the dealership with her small daughter trying to sell her used GMC Acadia, and didn't like the deal they were negotiating with her, the GM Ray Teixeira then proceeded to make fun of and cajole about her after she left stating, "Yeah and don't come back, because the deal isn't going to get any better" at which point my husband asked if he thought it was professional to berate other customers in the presence of people trying to purchase a car from them as well and voiced his concern about the things they'd say about us after we left. Ray then let us know that his unprofessionalism was justified because she didn't like the deal presented to her when she came in several months prior. Because I am incredibly tired, hungry and pregnant at this point (again, I'm pregnant, it comes with the territory) we don't immediately walk out at the blatant lack of professionalism, because I'd really like to solidify a deal that day. So, Jason proceeds to walk us through the boxes, we go back and forth and I state that their bottom line price on the vehicle is still higher than I'm comfortable with, so we are going to leave. He pleads with us to give him one more shot, and I give him my number - all in this is what I want to pay for that vehicle - I want things settled with mine (meaning as is, take her or leave her, last 3 payments waived). Jason and Ray go back and forth and Jason suggests we "split the difference" they are willing to come down a few grand but they'd "really be taking a loss on the deal." Now, given everything that I laid out - that the lease would be paid off, in it's current condition (under mileage, in good shape, but some minor surface scratches, dings, etc. I just didn't want to deal with the end of lease inspection) I was willing to "meet them halfway" little did I know that their wheeling and dealing meant halfway now removed the making my last 3 lease payments from the equation (I learn this several weeks later). We work with the finance department, I explain to Jason that because I cannot take the car today (it was a Saturday, so no plates) I'd be coming to pick it up in a week when I was back from a business trip. And I ask, is there anything I need to do to ground the vehicle - "Nope, just drop off the keys, everything will be all set." Fantastic, what an easy buying experience! Fast forward 3 weeks, I have my new vehicle, I've dropped off my old one with the dealership, and I call GM finance proactively to see if my excise tax will be refunded as it was applied to my prior month's bill and I have since turned in that vehicle. As I'm speaking with the woman on the phone, she alerts me to the fact that I have 3 outstanding monthly payments remaining on my lease, and that the end of lease inspection report has come back and I owe over $700 in excess wear and tear to the car, which now is an outstanding balance of $2100 combined to end the lease. At which point I reach out to Jason who states he will "look into the excess wear and tear" because everything looked good to him when he saw the vehicle (still have heard nothing back about this, by the way). And when I asked about the 3 final lease payments, he stated, "Well, we couldn't get your monthly payment where you wanted it to be, so we took those out." TOOK. THOSE. OUT. Oh yeah? Was that when we were "splitting the difference?!" Morale of the story here folks, these people are liars, who do not treat their customers with respect. They speak poorly of potential customers in front of clients, and they will use every trick in the book to try and screw you over while closing the deal. Don't buy from them, buy from anywhere else.

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