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This seller has been on since March 2003.
Chuck Colvin Ford Nissan is an Oregon Auto Dealer Also known as Chuck Colvin Auto Center located in McMinnville Oregon in Yamhill County just minutes away from Salem and Vancouver. Chuck Colvin Ford / Nissan has the areas largest selection of Ford Nissan and pre-owned vehicles from cars and trucks to vans and SUVs.
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(157 reviews)

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Excellent Dealer - Excellent Service

I own two Nissan Vehicles regularly serviced at Chuck Colvin Ford-Nissan, and recently purchased a Mustang Mach-E from the dealership. I am extremely pleased with both services. Auto servicing is well-performed and reasonably priced. My experiences ordering and purchasing the Mach-E could not have been better. The dealership --from the owner through sales and other staff -- took exceptional care in seeing that the entire process was completed smoothly and pleasantly. All questions (and there were many) were researched and answered. Uncertainties were resolved. The car was delivered in beautiful shape. The enthusiasm of the staff for the car and for my purchase was great. I appreciate them very much and recommend them highly to anyone.



We have been buying our cars here since 1997 and purchased a new car recently and then we needed to get pricing on a transit passager van we talk with the fleet department about the van they were going to email me pricing so we could make a arrangements with a mobility company and never heard back so had to go with a different dealership I recommend my family there and they purchase two cars now I'm not sure I will ever recommend or purchase there again disappointed buyer


Don’t trust these people

Worst car buying experience of my life. Not only did the finance guy not wear a mask...should have been my first clue to walk away... I bought a brand new truck and within five days it broke down. After receiving attitude and even laughs from the staff eventually they did take it back and into the shop to “fix it“. They kept it for over a week to fix it and then returned me a truck that was dirty with a half a tank a gas, it was full when received, 100 extra miles from them “fixing it” and again more attitude. Never in my life have I bought some thing brand new had a break within five days and not had it immediately replaced. There was no compassion or ethics involved in this transaction. Just Salesmen trying to sell me on that this was ok and normal. how this was handled speaks volumes about this dealer. It was disappointing and unethical. I would go anywhere but here for your purchase. The “small town” dealer was a nightmare and won’t make sure you are taken care of. Learned my lesson hope you don’t get played the same way I was. I requested many times to speak to the owner... still never a call.


Avoid at all costs!

Bought a car roughly 8 months ago from Ford. Used, as is. 2013 Ford Escape. I have driven it less than 5k miles since then, and it has been in the shop 9 times now. Avoid this place at all costs. Went to go trade it in, they off me 6k on something I paid 11k for, even with all the repairs done at their shop. They obviously don't inspect their vehicles before putting them on the lot. Avoid, avoid avoid!



We just bought a used F350 Platinum with only 1,965 miles on it. The deal was made online from Chuck Colvin Ford Nissan dealership. The salesman told me 'It is loaded with options.' We let them know we were planning to use it for cross country travels hauling a 5th wheel and what features were important to us. We were told it was loaded with those features and we could see the window sticker on their site. The truck was delivered, but the salesman did not go through the features when he delivered it because of Covid19 concerns, but again he assured me 'This thing is loaded with all the options.' I pointed out it did not have a sun/moon roof or sprayed in bed liner. And that it surprised because this Platinum was supposed to be near the top of the line and "loaded". My mistake was first of all ordering online from them, and then for not insisting on going through everything with me to make sure it had all the features I wanted before buying it and just taking the dealership word that it should because it was a 'loaded Platinum'. I waited to make sure I had insurance coverage on the truck before driving it. When I finally did drive it I found that it did not have all of the features that were important to us. I had found these features on trucks that were lesser models that we had driven before the Covid19 quarantine, so I was very surprised not to find them on this 'loaded top of the line Platinum.' WAIT, it got even worse. During this initial drive the truck broke down. 'What?' Yes, it broke down after driving it only 39 miles. I had to have it towed back that night to the dealership. I found out the next day it was a fuel pump that went out. They were going to repair it under the factory warranty, but it would take a week. In the meantime they were nice enough to bring a loaner to use. I was told 'it is a fluke. It happens sometimes' that a Ford breaks down having only 2,004 miles on it. I talked to the sales manager about returning this truck because this truck I was assured was 'loaded with features' did not have features i expected and that were important to my wife and I, also because it broke down after only 39 miles. I was told 'No!' in no uncertain terms by the sales manager. 'We post the sticker on every vehicle when we advertise them that have the features for people to see, and that costs us extra to do so.' The best he would do was to take the truck back on a trade in for another truck, but not give the price we just paid 39 miles ago. "We have costs involved" was his reason. He said to go to the Ford's site and build a truck with all the features we wanted or to write them down and they would help us find a vehicle to trade this truck in on. I guess it is just all about the business to them, and not how that 'business' impacts the customer. There was no willingness to consider all the circumstances and to do what was the customer's request, which was to take back the broken down truck and return the funds from a few days prior (with only 39 miles being put on the truck). So learn from my mistakes: Don't buy online from Colvin's; make sure it has what you want on it and don't take the salesmans word that 't is top of the line and loaded' with features; read the sticker somewhere in their ad, but make sure to have them explain what features are included in any packages listed and all verbiage used on the sticker; and make sure before you buy it and drive it off the lot that is EXACTLY what you want, because when you leave you are stuck with it and there is no going back - even if it breaks down the first time you drive it. All that said, I have learned my lesson from this experience and will not buy another vehicle from the Chuck Colvin Ford Nissan dealership again.


First a Titan, then the Altama!

Amazing staff, amazing vehicles. I've been to a few dealerships and none of them were nearly as wonderful as chuck colvin! They have been absolutely awesome both times! Thank you


Awesome Customer Service

Great Experience! Will recommend to all my Friends and Family. Would go out of my way to let people I know to do business with Chuck Colvin Ford


Great Experience!!!

Absolutely the best experience I have ever had! Rich and Rod were awesome to work with, quick, easy, painless. My payment actually was less than I calculated at home, and they beat my interest rate I was pre-approved for by 2 points! What dealership does that? They are awesome to work with. No pressure, and as a bonus, Rich Germunson and Rod Lundeen are actually pretty darn funny! I was smiling and kind of giggling at their banter. Made you feel like you were with a bunch of close friends. Love this place!


Awesome People!

Just dropped by to look at Nissan Titans, and ran into Jimmie Z. Funny guy, no pressure whatsoever. Gave me more than my trade was worth, and an awesome interest rate at Selco Credit Union. Rich the GSM was great. He actually has a desk on the showroom floor, not behind some smoked mirror office. He treated me with respect, and not like a girl who doesn’t know how to buy a truck! My partner and I can’t say enough good things about this place. If you want RESPECT, go see Jimmie and Rich at Chuck Colvin Nissan Ford. Love these guys!!!!


Lack of Integrity

(zero stars) I believe this dealership lacks integrity and the sales people are extremely misleading and dishonest. In fact, another dealership in town said Chuck Colvin Ford is known as "Cheatin" Chuck Colvin. I purchased a used vehicle from Colvin Ford. Within the first few weeks and 1500 miles the battery died, all the oil leaked out of the crankcase, a headlamp burnt out, the instrument panel stopped working, and 3rd gear went out in the transmission. The salesman, Fred McAdams strung me along, costing me many hrs and multiple trips to the dealership with promises to "make it right" and claims they "want me to be happy". Finally, after much inconvenience, Fred made it clear there was never any intention to do any such thing.

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