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This seller has been on since September 2016.
John O'Neil Johnson Toyota and Hyundai in Meridian MS treats the needs of each individual customer with paramount concern. We know that you have high expectations and as a car dealer we enjoy the challenge of meeting and exceeding those standards each and every time. Allow us to demonstrate our commitment to excellence!
Our experienced sales staff is eager to share its knowledge and enthusiasm with you. We encourage you to browse our online inventory schedule a test drive and investigate financing options. You can also request more information about a vehicle using our online form or by calling 601-485-1620.
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(23 reviews)

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Was looking to buy a used vehicle found online

Although the experience was over the phone, I was very happy with the service and help received. Even though the car that I wanted to purchase was already being viewed, I was still given a callback notice in case things changed. Unfortunately they did not change, and I missed out on a great quality used vehicle, the gentleman that assisted me let me know that if they received another car with the qualities that I'm looking for, they would definitely give me a call. They were very helpful


Excellent customer service

Found truck I was looking for on internet, contacted them and Paige returned my call answered all my questions. Cory the manager was also helpful. They waited for me to drive up from Mobile and everything was as they said. Easiest buying experience I’ve had in a long time.


Shopping for a specific vehicle

I was looking for a 2018 Avalon Limited...spoke with Paige and Alex who were very helpful with getting the numbers for us. Once the numbers were to our liking we decided to set the appointment and take the 3.5 hour track to the dealer. We got there early, if I’m not early I’m late, greeted cordially and asked for Alex. Alex wasn’t in yet...940 am...Paige can up from the Hyundai store and got the car for us. During Paige’s demonstration of the vehicle Alex came up and got in the car. We went to try the charging tray for our phone..wasn’t working..Paige then said try her phone...didn’t work. As I was getting ready to test drive I looked at the odometer and noticed it had approximately 4000 miles more than was stated on line(13700). Both saleswomen said they would have to ask the used car manager. We got back from the test drive and pulled it up front of the dealership. The saleswomen said she was going to check on why the difference in miles. I walked around the car and saw the the right rear wheel had been curbed badly,and again my salespeople had no idea what had happened. I then opened the trunk and hood...noticed there was broken glass in the trunk, glass like the back glass had been replaced. This was supposed to be a CERTIFIED TOYOTA. We then left and will never be back Just thought someone should know. Oh and they could use a capable was filthy


Bait and Switch

Advertised a price for a broken car. It would cost 5000 more to fix. Continue to advertise a price they cannot sell for. Not for me.


Seriously Bad

I have been there three times; once looking at a new car, once looking at a used car, and another time to buy a part for my wife's car. Whenever I go to look at a car, I have already done my research, have likely driven a car very similar, and know what is a good price. I typically tell them straight up front, I want this car for this price and all I want is a yes or no. Each time I was asked to fill out multiple papers with my info and was once asked for my information to run my credit before even looking at a car. I don't like when my time is wasted, and in reality they are wasting their own time as well. As far as the part goes, I was buying a small electrical fuse for my an air conditioning system in a 2003 Corolla. I waited 10 minutes for someone to show up at the counter, 15 min for him to locate the part in his system ( I brought the old one with me and it had all the numbers he would need right on the side of it), and then another 15 min for them to look for it. Ultimately they told me they would need to order it and it was going to be $80! I ended up buying it for $13 at an auto parts store. I won't go back here for anything.


no so helpful

My wife and I went there looking for a used car for my daughter. The car that was listed on was sold two days prior. I asked them what else they had in the same price range, the sales person said she had to go ask her manager. She came back a few minutes later and asked us to come inside. We sit down and she asks us for our name, phone number etc... I again asked her what do they have in our price range, I have cash in my pocket to buy today. She again says she will have to get her manager. So, I asked can we talk to someone that can help us. She left and came back and told us the manager would be in shortly. We waited a few minutes and then decided that our money wasn't wanted there so got up to leave. The manger met us on the way out the door which by the way was sitting in the lobby on our way in not doing anything. He asked if if could help us. I just responded no thank you and left. I did go to another dealer and purchase a car that day.


Finally Found a Car

Excellent service and staff. Very friendly and helpful. Made the process very easy.


Drove 260 mi. one way and it wasn't as advertised

I emailed extensively with sales people about a particular vehicle which they always responded promptly to. The ad showed a CarFax with no reported wrecks and the verbiage of the ad and subsequent emails indicated it was in near mint condition. They indicated that the price was "no haggle", which I was fine with if the vehicle was as advertised, so I made the 260 mile drive. I immediately noticed uneven panel gaps, drips in the clear coat, orange peel, etc. Upon further inspection I found labels on numerous parts in the front end indicating that they had been purchased only 5 months before (on a 6 year old vehicle) and damage to one of the body mounts on the frame. The salesperson claimed that they were unaware that it had been wrecked. It still looked decent and seemed mechanically sound so I was interested, but the price was supposedly based on a clean history, which was obviously not the case at this point. Despite this they were still standing by this "no haggle" price. I would have been happy with a few hundred dollars off for them overlooking the crash damage but they wouldn't budge. They were unconcerned that, despite me asking for a careful inspection of the vehicle prior to making the drive, they missed (or failed to disclose) obvious repaired damage.


Traveler Beware

Traveler Beware. This dealer has multiple properties, that apparently do not talk with each other. I called on a Saturday afternoon to check the availability of a used vehicle. Was told it was still available and informed Melissa that I would make the 2 hour drive on Monday to look at the vehicle. We decided to leave early to make it to the dealership first thing after they opened. I even called while on my way and was told that Melissa was in a meeting, and asked the receptionist if the vehicle was still available, but was told she did not have access to that information. After completing the drive and meeting with Rebekah, we were told that the vehicle went under contract at another location on Saturday and the sale was completed this morning. The other store apparently never bothered to inform this store that they were selling a vehicle from this location. Which in turn kept us from being informed on Saturday that the vehicle we called about and told Melissa we would be coming to see, was not available. This lack of communication between locations and salespersons, and being told that the receptionist couldn't even check to see if a vehicle was available is very poor customer service resulting in a 4 hour car trip and a tank of gas wasted.


Great Experience!!!!

Mark Snell or Sneel ( not sure of the correct spelling)was great. He made sure I was taking care of , he never left my side. Even though it took a little longer than expected, he stayed with me. We talked and laughed he made me feel welcome. He was awesome!!! Thanks Mark!!!

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