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(11 reviews)

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Customer service leaves a lot to be desired

Just trying to get some answers about how the process works and when I asked if I could test drive anything he seemed to get upset with me. I have never heard of a process where I couldn't see the car before purchase. When I asked where I would be able to pick the car up from he hung up on me.


Do your homework.

They offered a good car for a good price. Financing was sketchy. They offer to shop around with their 'trusted partners' to make you think they're doing you a favor; they ended up offering me a ridiculously high APR. When I applied directly with that 'trusted partner,' the bank gave me over 2% less than Shift did through the same bank. Besides sketchy financing, I also tried to schedule a test drive (as they advertise on their website) multiple times, and when they finally got back to me, they told me no. I then found the same car with more features for a better price at another online dealer. I went with that one.


Not the best, but better than the alternatives

Overall, I would buy from Shift again because the alternative (dealers with showrooms and the creepy, scammy people that work there) are so bad. I bought my first car through Shift after trying for months to buy a new one from a dealer. The experience was pleasantly smooth and efficient compared to my interactions with the dealerships, but still a little rough around the edges with some incomplete or outright wrong information provided by the sales person, an unhelpful and unfriendly delivery person, and some feet-dragging with follow-up to fix some errors they made in the registration paperwork. But in the end, I got a car that is pretty much exactly as advertised at a reasonable price.


Terrible customer service

Terrible customer service. I called a representative and he was rude and unhelpful. I recommend not giving them any of your time. It will not be worth it.


Buyer Beware! 5 Months to register!

BUYER BEWARE!! 5 months to get my car registered?? I purchased a car I like at a fair price. But Shifts ability to process registration is totally unacceptable. It took Shift 3 months to internally process my documents!! 3 months! They are finally sending those documents off to the DMV. A DMV which is going to take an additional 2 months to process my registration. My temporary plates have long expired and I've had to drive a rental car for 1 month and now possibly for an additional 2 more months. (which shift did pay for - hence the 1 star). How is this company even still in business? I feel bad for their staff who work for such a broken business model.


Terrible Service - DO NOT BUY

The experience started off well and I purchased and received my car in January with no issues. My temporary registration expired in April, and I reached out multiple times to Shift and they let me know that it was due to the DMV being closed. I have followed up multiple times and have not gotten an answer from anyone, get put on hold for extended periods of time, and customer service takes weeks to respond to e-mails. In August I receive an e-mail that I need to purchase a DEQ test in order for Shift to submit my registration paperwork. To reiterate - they have not even SUBMITTED the registration paperwork to the DMV 7 months later. Prior to asking me to complete the DEQ test myself, they consistently blamed the lack of plates and tags on COVID, when in reality it was negligence on Shift's part. I called over a week ago to ask about my options and they said no one was available to talk to me after placing me on hold for 25 minutes. They said someone would call me back in the next 24 hours and I never got a call back. No one has responded to my e-mails in over a week. First of all, the DEQ test should be completed prior to selling a car. Second, they took 7 months to reach out with this request. Third, what is the point of the large service fee to provide a "concierge service" if Shift does not honor their contract? Customer service is unresponsive, unreliable, and is unable to provide any options on how to rectify the situation. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM SHIFT unless you want to drive a car with expired temporary tags, enjoy wasting your time, want to waste money on a nonexistent concierge service.


Abysmal service, hidden fees, repairs needed

Truck bought had issues in the end, they forgot DEQ stuff and then the truck had Check Engine Lights, tires, body work painted over, battery terminal issues. There was no inspection, really. After a month of trying to get help I am reaching out to social media. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Some will help you but the end result is dismay and disorganization without help. I have all the proof in mechanic documents and emails. Still, I am out a few thousand dollars in "fees" and repairs.


ABSOLUTELY  recommend shift

I had a great experience trading in with Shift. Very easy process. They quoted higher than competitors. The Concierge arrived on time at my place and was super friendly. i had few dents on the car and he explained the deductions. they were not much. paper work is really easy as it's all done on an iPad. Got payment really quick. Communication was excellent through out the process. The team on the phone is very friendly, non pushing. Really helped me with great financing options. Also got great deal for warranty. I ABSOLUTELY  recommend shift to everyone.


Very difficult to get info or even a response

I requested info via the website several times also called and left a message to requesting a call back 2 times, tried a third call and was on hold for a ridiculously long time. Someone finally answered but had only moderate info about the car and price info she gave was different than price info on website listing. After the call, I received a text about the car and the price in the text was higher than the price the customer service person and website quoted. Frustrating and confusing and smacks of scam. Have not yet purchased the car - need to clarify price, etc.. first! Customer service is practically non-existent. After this, I would Not choose to deal with them for repairs


Making payments on a car that isn't legally mine!

I purchased a vehicle from SHIFT's Portland, OR dealership a month and a half ago. The state still hasn't received any paperwork for notification of the sale. The title still hasn't been transferred to my name. I still don't have license plates and the temporary license expired a couple weeks ago. Customer support leaves me on hold for long periods of time and never seems to give me a direct answer to my problem. So, I'm basically making payments on a car that isn't mine!!!

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